What Does a Food Processor Do?

Food processors are an essential kitchen appliance that can make it a lot easier to prepare your favorite dishes. What does a food processor do? This appliance essentially makes it a lot easier to prepare things like fruits and vegetables so that you can avoid having to use a knife to do it.

This will save you a lot of time throughout the course of a week, especially if you try to make fresh and homemade meals as much as possible. Knowing what you can use this appliance for is important before you head out to purchase one.

What is a Food Processor?

There are a variety of uses for a food processor that you want to know about. So, what does a food processor do and how can you use it to make food preparation easier?

This is a very versatile appliance that you can use for many steps in the food preparation process. The following are common uses for your food processor:

  1. Chopping up fruits and vegetables
  2. Grounding or chopping up nuts
  3. Making homemade hummus, salsa or pesto
  4. Making crust or dough for pizzas and pies
  5. Grounding up raw meat so that you can easily press it
  6. Shredding meat to save time having to do it with a knife or by pulling it apart
  7. Making spreads, dips and homemade condiments
  8. Making your own flour by grinding up whole grains
  9. Shredding cheese for pizzas and other dishes
  10. Making cookie or bread crumbs

Can You Make Smoothies in a Food Processor?

You can use a food processor to make a smoothie if you do not have a blender available. However, there are a few tweaks that you will need to make to ensure that your smoothie comes out right.

Make sure to first chop up the fruits and vegetables that you plan to use into small pieces no larger than one square inch. It is also best to use foods that are soft. Next, you have to add a liquid to the mix, such as milk, water or fresh fruit or vegetable juice. You can also add a watery yogurt.

After everything is in the food processor bowl, you will start to process your smoothie. If it is not getting as smooth as you need it, add some more liquid and process it for longer. Continue to process your smoothie until you get the right consistency.

Can You Use a Blender Instead of a Food Processor?

While a blender can replace a food processor for some types of preparation, there are certain things that you must use a food processor for to get the best results. If you are going to use a blender for food processing actions, do so using the following tips:

  1. When you are blending, slow it down so that you do not over-process the food. This is because food processors tend to process food more slowly than blenders do. If you blend at too high a speed, you will end up with food that is too smooth or liquefied.
  2. Do not use the puree or liquefy settings on your blender or else you will not get a result similar to a good processor. You want to combine and chop the food as a food processor would and not making it into a liquid.
  3. If a recipe calls for adding liquids, cut the amount of the called for liquid in half. This will help to prevent the food from getting too watery as you blend it. You can add a bit more liquid if you need to, but start with a small amount since you cannot remove it once it is there.
  4. Your blender is not able to grate, shred or slice food items. Because of this, you need a food processor for these actions. If you attend to use a blender for these purposes, they will get too watery to use.
  5. When you compare a blender to a food processor, the blender cannot handle as much food at one time. If you want to save time when preparing food, a food processor is a better option.

You can see how important it is to have a good food processor in your home. You now have the answer to what does a food processor do and you know exactly which types of food preparation you can use one for. You can do everything from prepare produce for your meals and snacks to making smoothies when you do not have a blender available.

Even if you do not use this appliance often, having a smaller food processor available will be a lifesaver during those time when you have to prepare a lot of meals without a lot of time to do it.