Top 10 Best Washing Machines 2018 – Front Load & Top Load Reviews

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Every house has a vital need of washing machine which make cloths washing procedure easier. There are two types of washing machines which includes Automatic washing machines and Manual washing machines. But very few houses has true automatic washing machine in the sense of features and efficiency. If you are looking for Best Automatic Washing Machine, then this article will definitely help you. Ideal Automatic Washing Machine includes all the activities from washing clothes to dry it all as well. Today we will guide you a lot about Washing Machines and what kind of features and things you should take care of, before buying one. All of you have expensive dresses and you won’t like if your Washing Machine destroy the grace of your favorite apparels. There are so many brands which provides premium class washing Machine at best price.

First of all you should decide that which kind of load you require. Basically two types of Washing Machine loads are recommended by experts and these are Front Load and Top Load. Loading is the way from where user can put in clothes for washing or drying purpose. It might be depends upon of look, but you should take a brief note about importance of these two. These loads have its own specifications are elaborated below.

  • Front Load – These kind of Washing Machine are so gentle, efficient and eco-friendly in case to save natural resources like water. These are capable to wash clothes gently and remove dirt at ease. As compare to Top Load Washing Machine, these are slightly heavy in weight and costly. This category uses lesser amount of energy and provides premium washing experience in efficient cost. All in one, Front Load is an awesome option to select for an ideal home appliance.
  • Top Load – These kind of machines has come with upside load panel from where use can put in cloths to wash. It is not that heavy as Front Load, but do consumes a lot of energy as well. On the other side, these are inexpensive as compare to Front Load. So if you selection benchmark is based upon Price, the most, then it is a good selection for you.

These are two load types that are usually in demand the most. Now moving onto other internal and external features that are important for a best automatic machine. So below are the thing you must know before buying Washing Machine –

  • Wash Programs – This new generation of automatic washing machines come up with some pre-defined programs for different condition. Every cloth needs a specific way of washing treatment. One cannot wash all clothes under same speed and conditions. Pre-defined programs can guide the user to wash different clothes in different condition. For example, mixed fabrics, baby cloth, stain 60, express 15, wool wash etc are programs which can be used for respective cloth wash.
  • Spin Speed – Try to buy an automatic washing machine with maximum spin speed. It is measured in RPM, and responsible of drum speed. It is capable for delivering instant wash & dry process.
  • Capacity – Capacity is the important factor which you should know because it directly interact with regular use. It is capacity of cloths that drum can handle without any lag in performance. It varies from 4kg to 10kg for general purpose. Hence make sure to select apt capacity before reaching for a washing machine.

Above given are the capabilities that can be beneficial to have in washing machines. Well considering all these qualities and factors and putting dedicated eye on Amazon’s User Review, we have prepared list of Top 10 Automatic Washing Machine. As you trust is our first priority, this is an honest list of appliance. Hence buy your suitable appliance online without any doubt.

Recommended Top 10 Automatic Washing Machines

LG WM3670HWA 4.5 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Washer

LG WM3670HWA Portable automatic washing machine is apt for low capacity usage. It has 4.5 cu ft capacity of cloth load and people belong to small family can find it interesting. It is really easy to operate and not so heavy to move as according to your daily need. What’s amazing in it, is clear lid. This lid helps you to see through it and you can easily watch out washing performance inside. It has a beautiful panel of control with simplified user interface. Timer facility is also available in it.

Description –

  • Dimensions: 27 X 38 11/16 X 29 3/4″
  • Inside Depth: 17-1/4″
  • Spin Tub Material: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: 110/60Hz
  • Color: White
  • Wash Capacity: 9Kg
  • Watt Power: 220

  • Built-In Drain Pump
  • Simplified User panel
  • Depth washing of cloths
  • Clear Lid
  • Perfect for small usage
  • Overload can cause circuit fail
  • Little noisy sometimes

LG WT7200CW/WT7200CW/WT7200CW 5.0 Cu. Ft. High Efficiency Top Load White Washer

LG 5.0 Cu. Ft. washing machine is apt for 2 in 1 functions. This fully automatic appliance is capable to deliver superb performance under such range. This comes with compact washing that makes wash and dry easier and convenient. It has capacity applicable for moderate family and can work gently on cloths with few pre-defined features. There are 8 pre-defined programs setup in it. This can simplify effortless wash and dry process.

Description –

  • Dimensions: 27 X 44.5 X 28 3/8″
  • Capacity: 28 liters
  • Water Consumption: 2 GPF
  • Wattage: 45 watts
  • Material Used: Stainless Steel

  • Effortless washing
  • Extra white cleaning wash
  • 8 Pre-Defined programs
  • Beautiful design
  • Tap load tub
  • LED Indicator
  • Drains at floor level only
  • Shrill buzzer

Bosch WTG86401UC 24″ 500 Series Compact Condensation Dryer with 4.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity Stainless Steel Drum Sensitive Drying System 15 Dry Cycles 4 Temperature Settings and Large LED Display

Bosch automatic washing machine is highly effective for moderate load capacity usage. It can carry efficiency and smart features on your doorstep. The most prominent feature about this product is, it has stainless steel metal body inside. Which means there is no chance for rust and harsh surface. No stain will be observed, thanks to the lubri-coated layer inside tub. Automatic drainage and better inlet pressure are just breeze for one.

Description –

  • Dimensions: 23 1/2″ X 33 1/4″ X 25″
  • Voltage/Frequency: 110V, 60Hz
  • Input power: 240W/210W
  • Metal Motor
  • Cabinet Material: PP Plastic

  • Automatic drainage
  • Pre-defined multifunctional programs
  • Powerful inlet supply
  • Lesser noise
  • No shrilling
  • Needs proper repair on regular time
  • Slightly heavy

LG WM3488HW 24″ Washer/Dryer Combo with 2.3 cu. ft. Capacity, Stainless Steel Drum in White

LG 23 cu. ft. automatic washing machine is a compact and efficient product you can get from Amazon. It has advance lid design with pro features. It is very easy to carry due to light weight and also occupy lesser space. Meanwhile you can place Della washing machine at corner as well. Easier way to wash out extreme loads due to fast spin speed.

Description –

  • Dimension: 25.5 x 24 x 33.5 inches
  • Capacity: 2.3 cu ft
  • Timer: 15 minutes
  • Voltage: 110V/60hz
  • Type: Gravity Drain

  • Lightweight
  • Space Saving
  • Furnished design with see through lid
  • Powerful Spin Speed
  • Don’t have right hookups

Bosch WAT28401UC 500 2.2 Cu. Ft. White Stackable Front Load Washer – Energy Star

Bosch is one of energy efficient product which is useful for long time usage. It comes with Automatic dry spin washing machine with LED display to enhance washing function. This product includes Touchpad control, meanwhile user can give command simply by touch enabled control panel. It has 200 watt spinning and this is enough for moderate use.

Description –

  • Dimensions: 23 1/2″ X 33 1/4″ X 24 1/4″
  • Fully automatic
  • Wattage: 220w
  • Capacity: 2.2 cu ft
  • Touchpad enabled
  • 9 Level washing

  • Pre-defined washing programs
  • Lightweight
  • Better spin wattage
  • Touch panel
  • Little tricky to operate
  • One function at time

Samsung WF42H5000AW Energy Star 4.2 Cu. Ft. Front-Load Washer with Smart Care, White

Samsung portable washing machine comes with number of advantages that can mesmerize you. It is the fully automatic pure portable appliance which you can buy today. It comes in two variant, one is 4.2 cubic feet/ 11lbs capacity and other this is one is just an innovative product under such price range. It is one of top brand known for best products and efficient performance benchmarks. This has 6 wash cycles comes with it for all kind of cloth stuff.

Description –

  • Dimensions: 41.7 x 34.6 x 29.2 inches
  • Weight: 203 pound
  • Capacity: 4.2 cu ft
  • Extra Accessories: adapter kit, hoses

  • Stainless steel tub with transparent tub
  • Pulsator generation
  • Great Touchpad controls
  • Two built in rollers
  • Automatic wash cycles
  • Heavy weight
  • Need to operate carefully

LG WM3997HWA Ventless 4.3 Cu. Ft. Capacity Steam Washer/Dryer Combination with TurboWash, TrueBalance Anti-Vibration System, NeveRust Stainless Steel Drum, Allergiene Cycle in White

LG WM3997HWA Ventless 4.3 Cu. Ft. Capacity is one amazing product with top load feature automatic washing machine. It is built up of stainless steel and has got superior washing pre-installed guide programs. User can switch to 4 modes according the cloth stuff and can get ultimate cleaning at instant.

Description –

  • Dimensions: 30 x 27 x 39 inches
  • Capacity: 4.3 cu ft
  • Input power: 200Watt
  • Indicator : Soak, Wash, Rinse, Spin

  • 4 Washing Mode
  • Electronic Control
  • Precise timer control
  • LED Display
  • Slow inlet supply

Kenmore 41302 4.5 cu ft. Front Load Washer with Steam and Accela Wash in White, includes delivery and hookup

KENMORE is Japanese Domestic Company and it brings some of premium appliances in electronics world. This new product Kenmore 41302 is packed up with bunch of latest technology features and these are symbol of future generations as well. It has all the advance feature which other automatic washing machines have, but DEHYDRATION is something you will come to know in it. This feature makes it unique and provide amazing output performance while washing or drying.

Description –

  • Dimension: 29.8 x 27 x 38.7 inches
  • Weight: 201 pounds
  • Power supply: AC 100 V (50/60 Hz)
  • Cord length: about 150 cm
  • Extra Accessories provided: Water supply hose, Drainage hose, lid for dehydration

  • Advance technology
  • Personified Design
  • Better control
  • Two-function appliance
  • Dehydration Facility
  • Little costly

Bosch WTB86200UC 300 4.0 Cu. Ft. White Stackable Electric Dryer – Energy Star

Bosch WTB86200UC 300 4.0 Cu. Ft. is a stainless steel home electronics appliance which is compact for moderate use. It is top load model packed up with superior features like Pulsating Bottom, Controls with LED and Platinum coated outer look which makes it a perfect choice. It generally looks premium in class while placed near the tap and probably able to attract everyone’s eye. Pre-Programmed wash cycles is the new way to wash clothes.

Description –

  • Dimensions: 22 x 21.5 x 37 inches
  • Weight: 80 pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • Custom Panels

  • Almost no noise
  • Efficient wash
  • Expert in deep cleaning
  • No need of Agitator
  • Electronic Controls with LED Status
  • Pre-Programmed functions
  • Heavy weight
  • Cost

Samsung WF45K6500AV Front Load Washer with 4.5 cu. ft. Capacity, in Black Stainless Steel

Samsung WF45K6500AV has launched with all in one, compact package of Combo Washer Dryer in it. It is packed with multi-functional features which includes Optional Venting, Automatic Drying and much more. It is a front load carry stainless washing machine tops the list due to all advance technical features till date. Venting Booster Fan is the best of this machine that blow air at 50 ft. Also manufactured with 4 adjustable legs to carry out best in class performance as well.

Description –

  • Dimension: 27″ X 38 3/4″ X 34″
  • Weight: 227 pounds
  • Efficiency: 1200 RPM
  • Power: 110 volts
  • Capacity @4.5 cubic feet

  • Child lock, Delay start, Self-clean option, Water saver option
  • Easy to open coin trap
  • 45 Degree Door Handle
  • Faster 1200 RPM of spin speed
  • 4  leveling Legs
  • Automatic wrinkle guard
  • Heavy in weight

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