Nemco Easy Juicer (55850) Review

Today we are going to review the nemco easy juicer (55850) which has been in the scene for quite some time when it comes to manual orange juice machines. We never heard about this brand until one of our readers recommended for us to check it out and have us do a little review on it to see how it preforms. I guess since we are the experts on these kind of things we responded right away!

Nemco Juicer (5580) Review

The first thing we did was we ordered the Nemco 55850 Manual Heavy Duty Easy Citrus Juicer and once it had been shipped in to our house in Florida we were all bells in whistles before it came to opening the piece of unique machinery upon un-boxing we noticed right away that the build of the machine was very heavy duty and solid make of stainless steel. We always recommend those who go around looking for orange machines to either go with die cast iron or stainless steel when it comes to the actual material of the machine. This is because these materials not only tend to last longer but will generally have less of an acid backlash. If you go with a cheaper kind of material you can bet that the acid from the citrus fruits you juice will eventually erode the surface of your juicer. So right away we were pleased by the fact that the nemco 5580 was made of quality stainless steel.

Another great part that we noticed that the juicer has a very solid base. For anyone who uses manual industrial grade orange presses knows that a solid base is key when it comes to juicing effectively. Generally when purchasing a good press machine you want to make sure that the base is able to hold down the force and pressure when it comes to the actual juicing. Most of the time you won’t have to worry about using much arm strength especially with this juicer since it has a high PSI rating (pounds per square inch), however that PSI can sometimes cause the machine to wobble and move during the process. Lucky enough the base on the nemco juicer is super solid. Despite having a very firm base to withstand intense juicing, the foot print of the base is nice and small. Your looking at a total surface space on the bottom of about 7.5 inches which means you will have a lot of extra room in your kitchen even if you were to leave this lying around the counter-top.

 When we put aside the build of the juicer it is hard to not notice the simple elegant design of the actual machinery. One thing you have to remember when purchasing a good orange juicing machine is that it is not only going to be responsible for making you fresh juice but it also is going to be a new addition to your kitchen’s furniture. Why get a machine that squeezes great but looks terrible inside your kitchen? Exactly, we wouldn’t do that we would rather get something that looks great as well as squeezes great. The Stainless steel and simple design of the machine make it not only a powerful long lasting juicer but also one that looks amazing in anyone’s kitchen.

Key Features

***The Nemco easy juicer is great for anyone who is a beginner or even an advanced orange juicer fanatic. The simple, sturdy, and elegant build make it not only a long lasting machine but also one of finest and class to be placed in any kitchen at home.

***When it comes to the actual juicing of oranges and grapefruit this machine can handle juicing several fruit in one go. Our favorite combination for this is mixing about a dozen or so oranges with grapefruit to make a large healthy glass of juice.

***Very easy to clean for anyone who is in a rush, the strainer is completely removable which means that you can actually remove the strainer and do a simple rinse of the machine and you are good to go. Many industrial grade orange juice machines lack this feature and this is something that really stood out for us.

***Combination of heavy duty cast aluminium on the feet and squeezer for extra stability and strength.

***When it comes to customer service and support, we found that nemco was very responsive to our queries. When we first purchased the item we role played a possible defect and saw how nemco responded and they offered us a replaceable part right away. Of course we only did this to test the customer service of the company and finally told them we didn’t need the replaceable part.


  • Compact well designed machine, nemco went several steps ahead with its juicer in keeping in mind ease of use paired with a simple and sleek design.
  • Firm and solid base, this comes in handy when the powerful PSI is squeezing out the juices from your citrus fruits. Allows the machine to stay in one place and not move despite the pressure.
  • Removable strainer, when it came to actually cleaning the machine after a proper juicing session we found it very easy to simply remove the strainer and do a quick rinse of.
  • The stainless steel design paired with the heavy duty aluminum keeps the machine safe from acid erosion
  • When it comes to actually squeezing the juice we found ourselves barely having to exert any energy on the lever as the nemco easy juicer has a total of 20:1 mechanical advantage.
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  • The only difficulty we had with this machine was when it came to cleaning the actual reamer. Besides being able to rinse the rest of the juicer this particular part requires some serious scrubbing.

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Final Thoughts

For anyone looking for a hefty and long lasting orange juicing machine this would be one of the top machines we have reviewed. For the price range it is quite competent to its counterparts and definitely holds up a fight. We definitely recommend the nemco easy juicer  for anyone looking for a new orange juicing machine.

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