Cuisinart FP-12DC Food Processor Review

One of the joys of writing a Cuisinart fp-12dc review is knowing that you will find a lot to be impressed with in the appliance. That sounds like judgment is colored before even looking at the appliance, but the prosumer line of food processors from Cuisinart has a reputation that precedes it. The Cuisinart FP-12DC Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor doesn’t fail in expectations. It is an investment to purchase, but the performance and durability of the appliance make it well worth it.

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Features of the Cuisinart FP-12DC

The FP-12DC comes with standout features such as:

  • An over-sized work bowl that holds 12 cups
  • A nesting work bowl with a 4 cup capacity
  • 1000 watt motor
  • Variable speed control with pulse option
  • Wide mouth feeder tube
  • Proprietary blade locking system for increased safety
  • Stainless steel slicing and shredding disc
  • Stainless steel chipping and mixing blades
  • Dishwasher safe components
  • Included recipe and instruction book
  • Built to NAES standards


From the size of the Cuisinart FP-12DC Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor it is obvious that this appliance is meant for family or party food preparation. Whether you are making dough or prepping salads the extra-large capacity, and increased motor power will serve you well.

What you will Love

What this Cuisinart fp-12dc review found to love about this appliance you will too. Its big, its powerful and its dishwasher safe. All of that adds up to a winning appliance. With the touch pad controls using it is easy. The quality of the design and power of operation is nothing less than what you would expect from a name like Cuisinart.

What is not so Good

The criticism, but not necessarily a problem, from just about everyone with this appliance, is the size. This is a large unit. This may or may not be a problem, just be prepared that you won’t be able to easily stuff it in a cabinet. It can stay on your counter but it will take up space. The reason this isn’t consider a problem by anyone complaining about it is the understanding that the appliance needs to be this size in order to deliver the performance that it does.

What people think

You don’t have to study every Cuisinart fp-12dc review that is out there. There are over 490 just from customers alone. What you can do is review our summary of the main points that customers are in agreement on.

  • It is big so be prepared. This isn’t something that is going to fit on the counter under a cabinet either. You would do well to plan a work space for this appliance so you can get the most out of it.
  • The multiple speed controls, ease at which blades can be exchanged and the continuous feed capabilities allow this appliance to do more than you would every think a food processor could do.
  • Handles heavy doughs well and the placement of the feeder tube doesn’t cut down on the liquid total amounts for the bowl that much. It has been designed with real chefs in mind so it makes good use of every element plus leaves you room to work the machine with your hands or utensils.

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The Final Word

When you read any Cuisinart fp-12dc review it is easy to get lost in the details. This is why we wrap it up to give you our final word on the appliance. If you are serious about cooking, or want to make cooking for your family seriously easy – this is a good investment for you. It is well made and comes from the leading name in food processing so you know it will be money well spent and that the appliance will serve your family for years.