Cuisinart DLC-8sbcy Food Processor 11 Cup Pro Custom Reviews

There is a lot a Cuisinart can do for you and your family, finding the right model is essential. We took a look at the DLC-8sbc. It is one of the Cuisinarts designed specifically for family use, which means it has a high capacity and larger feeders than other models. It is priced to be affordable, not costing much more than their smaller models. The real question was could it deliver under the pressure to cook for an entire family? Here is what we found when we took a closer look at the Cuisinart dlc-8sbc food processor 11 cup pro custom reviews.

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Features of Cuisinart DLC-8sbc Food Processor

This Cuisinart comes with a set of features that make it ideal for families and specialty uses. The highlighted features include:

  • Family sized work bowl that holds 11 cups
  • Pulse control
  • Tempered steel blades
  • 3 different slicing discs for slicing or shredding
  • Spatula
  • Oversized feeder tube that can handle larger food slices
  • 3 year limited warranty on the unit
  • 5 year full warranty on the motor

Included in the box are also a cook book and warranty registration information so making sure your warranties are in place is easy. Corded and able to breakdown for easy storage in cabinets, this is a family size Cuisinart that can be tucked away or left on the counter.


The Cuisinart dlc-8sbc food processor is aimed at those who love to cook. That isn’t to say that they all aren’t, but the attachments and size of the DLC-8sbc make it easier to do certain tasks in the kitchen that go beyond mixing and making soups. It has an over-sized feeder tube that allows it to handle whole fruits and vegetables without a lot of pre-cutting. The engine is also slightly more powerful than other models in the same price range which will make kneading bread and heavy mixing go well too. All in all, the Cuisinart dlc-8sbcy food processor 11 cup pro custom reviews agree the model is designed to be a workforce for a family cook who has some flare.

What you will Love

You will love the large size of the bowl and the feeder tube. This makes the Cuisinart ideal for making dishes for 4 or more people. Many of the Cuisinart dlc-8sbc food processor 11 cup pro custom reviews marked a preference for the plastic parts now in use replaced the original class bowls which means the overall unit is lighter and easier to handle. Blades switch out easily and cleaning is easy as well.

What is not so Good of Cuisinart DLC-8sbc

The feeder switch arms are also plastic, which may not be an ideal for people using a heavy hand. They don’t have a reputation for breaking, but they don’t feel sturdy enough to give you confidence. The cord is also light, so make sure that the plug being used is well grounded and up to the power of the motor.

What People Think About Cuisinart DLC-8sbc Food Processor 11 Cup Pro Custom

There are over 475 Cuisinart dlc-8sbc food processor 11 cup pro custom reviews online. Here is a recap of what they have to say about this model:

  • Great power and a perfect size for use when cooking for a family of 4. It cuts down on prep time because the feeder is large enough that you don’t have to spend time chopping.
  • The bread kneading works very well, but you have to limit the number of cups you are using to prevent straining the engine. Don’t use the full 11 cups, stick with 3.
  • This is a workhorse that gets the job done, is easy to use, easy to clean and safe to have around in the kitchen.

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The Final Word

The Cuisinart dlc-8sbcy food processor could be your winning solution. It’s priced in the lower end of the family size food processor models and has a good enough reputation to bear a closer look. With all the reviews online, this one rates just under 5 stars, and that means it’s a winning product.