Cuisinart BFP-703 Food Processor Review

Writing a Cuisinart bfp-703 review is tricky business. It is a higher end consumer compact food processor from a very respected name that delivers, and sort of doesn’t. Don’t write off the Cuisinart BFP-703 SmartPower Duet Food Processor just yet. You have to understand what it really is, and what it does well to see why it can be priced high, have a low star rating and still be a best seller.

Cuisinart BFP-703 Features

The features included with this appliance are:

  • Small contact design
  • 350 watt motor
  • 3 cup working bowl
  • 40 ounce blender jar
  • 7 speed illuminated touch pad control
  • Starter blade and slicing/shredder blade included
  • Built to NAES standards


A good Cuisinart bfp-703 review outlines the uses the appliance is designed for, and then looks at how people have found it really works best. This model is designed as a compact combination food processor and blender. The food processor is sized more for the individual, but the blender is large enough for any event. With variable speed controls, this appliance is easy to use right out of the box.

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What you Will Love

One of the best things about the Cuisinart BFP-703 SmartPower Duet Food Processor is its size and blending power. It is easy to make a smoothie for one, but you also have a large enough blending jar to allow you to keep the party rolling without missing a beat. The controls are easy to use and there is enough variety in speeds to make sure that you can make anything with a single touch.

What is not so Good

Hands down this appliance isn’t winning points as a food processor you want to use for all your meals. The working bowl and feeder tube are small. It is ideal for an individual, but not a good choice for prepping a family meal. People who bought it primarily as a blender were satisfied with being able to use it occasionally as a food processor.

What People Think About Cuisinart BFP-703 Food Processor

Rather than read each Cuisinart bfp-703 review we have compiled a summary of the 230 plus reviews that are currently online. This model doesn’t score high in stars, but that is a bit deceiving. Most of the customers were very happy with it, under one condition.

  • Not a powerful food processor at all and nothing I would want to try and prep a full meal in, but the blender is remarkable. It has the power and size to make everything I want from soups to smoothies.
  • The working bowl and feeder tube are too small to use without so much preparing of vegetables before you use a food prep device that it seems pointless. I gave up on that end. Much happier with the blender part. When I look at it as a blender that can also make a salad in a pinch then I think it is well worth the money.

The real consensus is that the key to appreciating the BFP-703 is to view it as a blender that can also act as a food processor for light meals.

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The Final Word

The final word for this Cuisinart bfp-703 review is that this appliance is perfect for people who need a blender, and sometimes a food processor, but not two machines. It is compact and delivers well with blending while doing a serviceable job as a food processor too. Not for a large family, but it may be just right for you. It is also an intelligent way to get two machines in one without spending hundreds of dollars. This is why it can score low as a standalone food processor, but be selling as fast as possible as a blender with a food processing action.