Cuisinart BFP-603 Food Processor Reviews

Cuisinart bfp-603 reviews are divided over whether this is a great food processor, or a great blender. The one thing that everyone is in agreement on is it puts an affordable Cuisinart in your kitchen. The Cuisinart bfp-603 food processor has some unique qualities to it. To decide if it is the right appliance for you, read this summary of the reviews and features.

Features of Cuisinart bfp-603 Food Processor

The Cuisinart bfp-603 food processor has a lot to offer for less cost than you imagine. There are also some features that you will only find with this model that may be perfect for you. The main features are:

  • Powerful 600 watt motor
  • The motor housing is a durable die cast metal with stainless collar
  • 3 cup food processor that comes with pusher and feeder tube
  • Stainless steel chopping blade
  • Dual slicer and shredder disk
  • Touch pad controls with pulse and ice crush options
  • Standby feature with automatic 2 minute stop
  • Measured pouring and mixing glass
  • 48 ounce working bowl

This appliance also features a warranty, recipe and instruction book, and internal card storage.

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All of the Cuisinart bfp-603 reviews reported that the appliance does well in the kitchen. It is designed to operate as both a blender and a food processor. With its high capacity, it can handle prepping an entire meal or making a smoothie for one. It is powerful enough to crush ice and controllable enough to handle a fine soup blend.

What you Will Love

One thing that this model features is the Cuisinart powerblend duet parts. This is what allows the blades and discs to be used for both blending and food processing. This means less equipment in the kitchen without a loss of ability to do anything. The touch-pad controls are also blue lit. The one feature that will really win you over is the automatic shut off. This makes it easier to be handling other parts of the meal without worrying about how long the processor is running.

What is not so Good

There is one drawback that could be a deal breaker for some people. None of the borosilicate containers used with this appliance are BPH free.

There is also a definite learning curve with the controls that may make switching between blending and food processing applications difficult at first.

What People Think About Cuisinart bfp-603

The general consensus of the Cuisinart bfp-603 reviews from customers is that it is well worth the price, but it does take some practice to use well. Here are some other common comments to be found:

  • Compact enough to fit easily in a cabinet or under the counter. This makes it easier to make using it a part of the daily routine.
  • It can reduce everything down to a liquid in minutes so practice to find out what the right touch is for different food items if you only want them chopped finely. It has power and it can deliver, but you need to read the instructions completely to learn how to run it.
  • Excellent machine, reliable and durable. The blades and discs are sharp and can really be used for either blending or food processing.

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The final word

The general consensus of the Cuisinart bfp-603 reviews is that with the addition of the Cuisinart power-blend duet parts makes this a winner in the consumer appliances to own. It is powerful, compact and has a dual use. When you consider that this is a Cuisinart and priced for the average household, this is the one to get.