Breville Food Processor Reviews 2019

If you have been all over the web looking for Breville food processor reviews, then look no further. You are in the right place. This site has fantastic reviews of Breville food processors as well as a handy comparison chart. Breville has really built a name for themselves. They are listed as the best in consumer reports for their top rated product. Large and powerful, these processors can take on just about any task.

Best Breville Food Processor Reviews

Breville BFP800XL food Processor Review

Breville BFP800XL food Processor Review

The Breville BFP800XL is a chef’s dream! The extra wide opening is perfect for chopping foods of many different shapes and sizes. It is strong enough to handle apples, cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, meat, bread dough and more. There are also plenty of functional disk options. This allows users to get perfect results every single time. Also included is a variable slicing disk, which is perfect for slicing at different thicknesses.

We had a chance to test this food processor and we were completely stunned. The silicone seal was perfect. We did not even have one drop of leakage from our salsa. We also loved the way that the nonslip feet grabbed the counter. We were very impressed with the sleek design. The pewter finish against the coal black is stunning and will match just about any kitchen decor.

Anytime that I am in the kitchen is time I have to spend away from my family. On special occasions I want to limit my kitchen time as much as possible. This food processor cuts my prep time in half. It is so easy to get all of my prep work done and enjoy the rest of my day with family and friends. While this one is a bit more expensive than the rest, time spent with my family is worth every penny!

Overall we were very satisfied with the Breville food mixer. There isn’t really much out there that compares to this top quality machine. Any way you slice it, it made us smile!

What We Loved :

  • Multiple Disks
  • Stunning Design
  • Non-Slip Feet
  • Variable Slicing Disks

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Breville bfp800cbxl sous chef Food Processor Review

An impressive addition to any home kitchen, the Breville BFP800CBXL in Cranberry red is full of bells and whistles. It has many different blade variations to choose from. Like the other models it comes equipped with non-slip rubber feet. Check out the Cranberry Red Breville food processor reviews below.

As stated above we tested this one out and were super impressed. The one we were sent to test was the silver, however the cranberry red model has all of the same amazing features. Below are some reviews from other owners who were equally impressed!

Sherry from Mississippi Writes:

I purchased this one for my catering business and I could not be happier! It instantly became my most prized kitchen appliance. I used it for everything from prepping vegetables to mixing delicious bread and cakes. The color is absolutely stunning. My clients just rave about it when they see it. I give this one five stars!

Ken from Georgia Writes:

I picked this up as a gift for my wife and she has been thanking me ever sense. Even though it was a gift for my wife, I use it on occasion to make my world famous french fries! The sheer power of this thing is very impressive. I can chop my potatoes in no time. My wife uses it for just about every meal. She loves the brilliant red color and the easy clean up.

Missy From Ohio Writes:

This one was a little pricy for my taste, but once I received it I knew why. Breville left nothing to be wanted. The large chute comes in handy time and time again. I never have to chop my vegetables to make them fit in the processor. I can easily put squash, or zucchini right down the chute. This one looks fantastic and sleek sitting on my counter. I will never buy another brand again.

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Exceptional features of Breville food processor

  • One of the major features of these product is that they have a modifiable slicing disc that offers 24 different settings for slicing, thus making it possible for you to slice very thin pieces of food and large slices as well. The food processors also have many other discs such as whisking disc, French fries’ slicing disc and also one that can slice vegetables julienne style.
  • The processors are also suitable for kneading dough as they come with a standard dough blade. If you want to use 2.5-cup mini processing or 16-cup universal processing bowl, you will enjoy the serrated S-blades which come with the appliances.
  • The food processors vary in weight just as they vary in size. However, their structural build is beautiful and will complement your kitchen space. When using the breville food mixer, you can trust the rubber platform base to provide some stability as it helps prevent the appliances from sliding when in use. Their weight is also supplemented by a cast metal at the base.
  • Additionally, these have a 5.5-inch extra-wide feeding tube. This feeding tube helps save time since it can take in large pieces of food and therefore there is no need for you to pre-cut your fruits and food pieces before putting them in. You will not therefore need to spend a lot of time preparing the food for processing.
  • Breville food processors come with 5 different discs including French fry, whisking, shredding, and julienne and slicing disc.
  • The food processing bowls vary in capacity ranging from 1.2 liters to 3.8 liters.
  • 3 different blades namely dough blade, mini blade and Slicer/shredder blade. Each of these will help you in different functions, making your work easier and efficient.
  • Suitable storage for the blades and discs

The Breville food processors are fast and accurate in food preparations giving you fine results. They are also safe and easy to operate offering you on/off and pulse power options. To release short bursts of power, you will need to press and hold down the pulse button. Once you release it, the motor stops automatically. Breville food processors are perfect for your kitchen and commercial usage as well.

As you can see from these reviews, Breville makes a high quality product. Please be sure to check out of comparison chart for even more information on these fine food processors.

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