Best Kinesio Tape For Sensitive Skin

There is a huge selection of products and services to choose from. Consumers often struggle to select the right product for their needs. Here are the Top 12 Best Kinesio Tape For Sensitive Skin to help you decide which product to buy.

A number of factors have been considered by our team before finalizing these products, including customer feedback, features, specifications and price.

The following list can be used as a reference for all our readers searching for the Top 12 Best Kinesio Tape For Sensitive Skin. We hope you will find this article helpful!

Best Kinesio Tape For Sensitive Skin

SpiderTech Gentle-Therapeutic Kinesiology Tape Roll for Hyper Sensitive and Radiated Skin 2"x16.4'50mmx5m

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  • EXTREME MUSCLE & JOINT SUPPORT- Premium Clinical Grade Therapeutic Athletic Kinesiology Tape
  • EXTREME MUSCLE & JOINT SUPPORT- Premium Clinical Grade Therapeutic Athletic Kinesiology Tape
  • EXTREME MUSCLE & JOINT SUPPORT- Premium Clinical Grade Therapeutic Athletic Kinesiology Tape
  • PREVENT MUSCLE INJURIES - Support faster recovery and ache relief | Easily tear and stick this tape to your body
  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL - Latex Free, Water Resistant and Sweat Proof | Lasts up to 5 days | 2"x16.4'50mmx5m

Kinesio Taping - Elastic Therapeutic Athletic Tape Tex Gold Light Touch - Fuji Purple – 2 in. x 13 ft

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  • The authentic original elastic muscle and medical tape invented by Kinesio founder Dr. Kenzo Kase; made in the USA
  • Ideal for those with sensitive skin, pediatric and geriatric users - easy application and removal
  • Kinesio is the premium medical & sports tape and taping method to lift the skin to create space between skin & tissues layers
  • Relieves discomfort & inflammation from plantar fasciitis, knee pain, chronic & acute injuries
  • Highest grade cotton is water resistant and can be worn continuously for 24 hours; Hypoallergenic & Latex-Free

OK TAPE Kid Sport Kinesiology Tape Designed for Kid&Teenage Hypoallergenic for Sensitive Skin Precut Tape for Sports Supply,Easy Removal No Harm to Skin, 5.9 Inches 32 Strips 1 Roll, Orange

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  • ✅ SUPPORT HEALTHY GROWTH – When used correctly, OK TAPE for Kids can support healthy posture during growth. OK TAPE helps improve local blood flow, promote lymphatic drainage, eliminate soft tissue swelling and pain, and support and stabilize muscles and joints without hindering movement. It can help relieve growing pains as well.
  • ✅ LATEX FREE, HYPOALLERGENIC AND GENTLE TO THE SKIN – This kinesio tape is latex free and hypoallergenic with a gentle glue developed specifically for children to minimize damage to sensitive or delicate skin.
  • ✅ LONG-LASTING BUT EASY TO REMOVE WHEN NEEDED – Though gentle, this tape sticks on tight to withstand sports activity or rough and tumble play. OK TAPE is also water resistant, helping the tape last up to 3 days. Once you are ready to remove, simply peel away at the corner of the tape.
  • ✅ PRECUT STRIPS WITH FUN DESIGNS – OK TAPE for Kids comes in lively, fun designs that kids will love. Precut strips are 5.9 inches, and there are 32 strips per roll.
  • ✅ UNBEATABLE QUALITY AND VALUE – OK TAPE is made of the same exact materials as the leading kinesiology tape brands but for a fraction of the cost. We want to make kinesiology tape more affordable for all.

KT Tape Kinesiology Therapeutic Sports Tape, Gentle Adhesive for Sensitive Skin, 20 Precut 10 inch Strips, Beige

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  • GENTLE REMOVAL – KT Tape Gentle is a cotton, elastic sports tape designed to give you support while featuring a gentle removal adhesive strength for those trying to avoid an ultra-strong adhesion to their skin.
  • WHAT IS KT TAPE? – Elastic sports tape used by pro and serious athletes to support muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments. It’s drug-free, latex-free, hypoallergenic, lightweight, breathable, comfortable, HSA/FSA approved, and easy to use.
  • HOW DOES IT WORK? – It helps reduce tissue pressure and support muscles and joints. Studies show it helps you recover faster from pain. Used for knee pain, shoulder pain, shin splints, back pain, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and much more.
  • EASY TO USE – Easy to self-apply using our free application videos (see our site) for common injury areas. Our Taping Basics video teaches you how to help the tape stick properly, and our 60+ videos help you apply it for your area of pain.

Kinesio Taping - Elastic Therapeutic Athletic Tape Tex Gold FP - Beige - 2 in. x 13 ft

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  • Kinesio Tex Gold FP kinesiology tape lifts the skin to create space between the skin & tissues
  • Developed exclusively for Kinesio, medical & sports professionals to relieve discomfort & inflammation
  • Nano-touch FingerPrint (FP) & Micro-grip technology brings stimulation to epidermis & layers beneath
  • Highest grade cotton mimics gentle human touch, while providing improved breathability & enhanced grip/hold
  • Water resistant and can be worn continuously for 3-5 days; Hypoallergenic & Latex-Free

(2 Pack) Premium Kinesiology Tape | Athletic Tape Supports & Protects Muscles, Knees, Shoulders & Plantar Fasciitis | Waterproof & Hypoallergenic | Beige Uncut Kinesiology Tape

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  • ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE - How can an athletic tape improve your workout? Whether you’re a professional athlete committed to daily training or you just started hitting the gym, you want to get the most out of your workout. Kinesiology tape provides support for crossfit training, long-distance running, BJJ, weight training, and other high-impact sports.
  • EXCEED YOUR GOALS - Kinesiology tape gives your body the support it needs when you’re training hard. Even a minor injury can set you back and prevent you from reaching your fitness goals. Don’t risk doing your workout without supporting those injury-prone parts with a sports tape that is strong, comfortable, and easy to use.
  • TRUST THE EXPERTS - Developed by a football player and engineered in the USA, this kinesiology sport tape is recommended by pro athletes and physical therapists worldwide. It provides pain relief caused by strained muscles, tendons, or ligaments. Women also use it to relieve cellulite and sore backs during pregnancy. With over 300K customers and sales in 50 states, you can trust that our kinetic tape is one of the best.
  • SLEEP ON IT - Our muscle tape has a proprietary Second Skin Technology that is free of latex and rubber that bothers sensitive skin. No matter what you do, this sports tape stays put for several days without irritating your skin or leaving behind a sticky residue. Its synthetic material is stretchy, comfortable, and easy to apply. It’s also water and sweat proof. Use it for medical, therapeutic, or sports-related purposes.
  • 60 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE - We’re confident our kinesiology tape will provide your body with strong, comfortable support during all your activities. Just ask our previous customers who rave about it. However, if, for some reason, it doesn’t meet your standards, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund within 60 days, no questions asked. Order you athletic tape now and get our It's-A-Wrap Guarantee.

(3 Uncut Rolls) Waterproof Kinesiology Tape - Immediate Pain Relief - 16.4ft Kinetic Tape with Great Adhesion + 50 Video Guides - Latex Free - Sport Tape Kinesiology - Physio Tape

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  • ✅ IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEF - Mighty-X kinesiology tape roll can be a lifesaver for professional athletes and active people who suffer from aches and pains after intensive workouts. Properly applied, the muscle tape pain relief application will help you to forget about the injury, soreness, and swelling. Once you try it, our tape will become an essential part of your active lifestyle.
  • ✅ EXCELLENT JOINT SUPPORT - Our knee tape for knee pain relief provides discreet but reliable support for your joints during long races or training. This sport tape kinesiology support is great for working out while still recovering, without limiting your range of motion. Physical therapists recommend it for keeping joints stable and for a quicker recovery.
  • ✅ STAYS ON LONGER - Due to excellent adhesion, Mighty-X kinesthetic tape stays for days despite intense movement or wearing under clothing. The silky nylon fabric holds longer and won’t fray like its cotton substitutes or cause skin irritation. This breathable, thin, and lightweight trans tape doesn’t require daily re-application, so it saves you money.
  • ✅ 100% WATERPROOF - Mighty-X kinesiology tape waterproof features were designed to withstand heavy sweating and multiple showers. Our sports tape athletic kinesiology adhesive backing creates a secure bond until you’re ready to remove it. Nylon material, unlike cotton, doesn’t absorb moisture and dries quickly, so you can get dressed right after taking shower.
  • ✅ 50 FREE VIDEOS INCLUDED - You may have never needed a k tape roll in the past, but try it to ease your pain. Short instructional videos show you how to apply kinesiology tape knee support correctly. Offering more than 50 videos, you’re sure to find the correct application for the most common muscle and joints injuries.

Starktape Kinesiology Tape Physio Medical Sports Tapes for Sensitive Skin Kinetic Taping. K Tex Gold Physical Therapy, Knee, Shoulder, Ankle, Wrist, Foot, Back Injury Muscle Pain aid, Roll Beige

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  • WHILE OTHER KINESIOLOGY TAPES are too small, cause itchiness, rash, or swelling, doesn't stick well or simply peel off way too easily, StarkTape bulk kenisology tape comes in a big, hefty bulk roll - 2 inches wide x 115 feet long - so you can count on it time after time. The extra light construction, makes our sticky kinesiology athletic tape to be 100% safe, non-toxic, waterproof.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY, NATURAL, SAFE, WATER RESISTANT: Designed for next-to-skin comfort, this ultra-light tape is made of 97% natural cotton, with 3% stretchy spandex for smooth support & freedom of movement. Easy-stick waterproof adhesive, latex-free & hypoallergenic & all-approved - rest assured this eco-friendly sports tape won't cause itchiness, rash, or swelling.
  • STRONG, DYNAMIC SUPPORT. TAKE YOUR GAME TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Apply this physio adhesive runners tape to boost strength & performance during high-stress athletic activities. Plus, use it to prevent muscle pain, ease inflammation & to help relieve post-workout soreness, aching joints & muscles.
  • FREE EBOOK: As soon as you order, you'll receive our FREE PDF eBook with step-by-step guidance for kenisiology taping areas such as: knee, elbow, shoulder, ankle, shins, wrist, hamstring, back, foot, plantar fasciitis, neck & arms
  • GET READY TO BECOME A RAVING FAN: Your experience with the products is our guideline. Our therapy medical sports tapes are tested by professional athletes, physical therapists, and instructors, but if they don't get your seal of approval, we'll do our best to fix the situation as soon as possible. That's why you have NO RISK 100% money back guarantee. LOVE IT or IT'S FREE! Add to cart now for yourself & any athletes on your gift list and begin the amazing journey!

Kinesio Kinesiology Tape - 2" x 16.4' - Beige - pack of 3

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  • Brings Nano-touch stimulation to epidermis and layers beneath
  • Mimics gentle human touch yet provides a more effective hold
  • Micro-grip deep set adhesive manufacturing process has better grip & hold using less surface area
  • Higher grade, more breathable cotton features a new protected weave process for improved comfort
  • Hypoallergenic and latex free

OBTANIM 4 Rolls Waterproof Breathable Cotton Kinesiology Tape, Athletic Elastic Kneepad Muscle Pain Relief Knee Taping for Gym Fitness Running Tennis Swimming Football (Black, Skin, Pink, Light Blue)

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  • Made of 100% high-quality cotton, waterproof and breathable. Acrylic glue, good adhesion, does not irritate the skin, high stretchability, can be stretched to 160% of the original tape, covering a wider range. You can cut it into what you want, such as Y-shape, to make it cover a larger area.
  • Multiple uses: It helps reduce tissue pressure and support muscles and joints. It helps you recover faster from pain. Inhibition of hypertonic muscles,correction of the fascia,protecting muscles against excessive stress, protecting joints, it lifts the skin slightly to increase blood circulation which reduces swelling.
  • Waterproof and hypoallergenic, our tape will stay on knees, elbows, and feet through the toughest workouts for days at a time, without irritating sensitive skin. Designed for use by professional athletes, as well as for home first aid, this synthetic kinesio tape is perfect for muscle injuries and recovery.
  • Water ripple design: According to ergonomic design, the blood and lymph under the skin can circulate smoothly. The tape products are hypoallergenic, latex-free, natural rubber-free, lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and easy to use and comfortable to wear. This adhesive tape is safe to use on sensitive skin for therapeutic and medical applications.
  • Wide application, used by physical therapists and sports medicine practitioners around the world. Sports tape is suitable for all kinds of sports practice, whether it is running, swimming, gym exercise, tennis, football, also applicable in Olympic Games by athletes. Can help you effectively prevent muscle strain, etc.

RockTape RX Sensitive-Skin 2-Inch Kinesiology Tape, 16.4-Foot Continuous Roll, Black

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  • RockTapeRx is the world's best kinesiology tape specially designed to be gentler on skin. It can be used to treat sports & non-sports injuries.
  • Who is RockTapeRx suited for? RockTapeRx's gentle adhesive is great for special patient populations, like the less-active, children, the elderly, those with neurological disorders, Proprioceptive cues, and those who are pregnant. Latex & Zinc Free
  • 180% Stretch = More Stretch Than The Competition: With better range of motion, with 180% elasticity, compared to other brands offering 130-150% stretch
  • How is RockTapeRx different? RockTapeRx is designed to be gentle on skin with 7% less adhesive - making it ideal for non-sporting taping applications.
  • When applied properly, RockTape kinesiology tape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia below, increasing blood flow, which relieves swelling, delays fatigue, and increases kinesthetic awareness

Kinesio Tex Gold FP Kinesiology Tape, 2" x 34 yds, Black, Roll

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  • Bulk roll; black; 2" x 103.35'

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